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About Us

Hi, we're Ian & Yvonne Dooley

They say you should never work with your other half - but that's not something we agree with! We love working together supporting a range of businesses of differing sizes, in different industries.

We have experience in the fields of finance, marketing, art (check !), events and commercial management... and Social Media of course!


Why "Jigsaw"?

It started as a bit of a throwaway line from some of our friends - you two are like a 2-piece jigsaw... Then we realised that when it comes to Social Media, it's often the missing piece of the puzzle for businesses - helping them connect and engage with their customers - so it kind of stuck and Jigsaw Social Media was born!

What makes us different?

Because of our backgrounds, we've got a really wide range of experience in all sorts of businesses

Our combination of creativity, business sense, social media expertise, commercial acumen and a straightforward approach make Jigsaw Social Media the perfect partner to help grow your business.


Do you support B2B and B2C businesses?

Absolutely. We help businesses dealing with the public as well as those whose customer base is only other companies. that covers paid advertising campaigns as well as organic activity.


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