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Why outsourcing your social media activity makes sense

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Using social media for small and medium-sized business comes with huge benefits and can be very cost-effective – if it’s done right.

You can increase brand exposure, help to generate leads, interact with customers, and create content that is engaging and shows your business’ personality/culture.


Most small & medium-sized business owners already have a full ‘to-do’ list without adding in the challenge of creating content and posting on social media. Fortunately, this is one task that really lends itself to outsourcing – and there are a host of reasons why you should do just that.

You can focus on what you do well

You’ve made your business successful by doing what you know well. Taking hours out of your week to create content, manage posts, monitor comments just doesn’t make much commercial sense. By using a Social Media Expert you can free your time to utilise your skills on the ‘good stuff’.

You will save money (no, really!)

Employing Marketing staff or Social Media experts in your business is a big commitment for any small & medium business. To say nothing of the costs of the tools you would need to create content that works on Social Media. By using a specialist you’ll pay for the time worked on your account and no more.

More people are online than ever

An increasing number of people are working remotely - particularly with the current COVID restrictions. Footfall is down across the country and traditional means of getting in front of your audience are becoming less effective. Your online presence is more important than ever if you are to engage with customers.

You’ll get better content!

Social Media activity for a business is often about walking the fine line between ‘pure sales’ content and more interesting, informative, clever or quirky posts that engage. A Social Media Expert will have the tools and creativity to walk that tightrope – meaning your brand is represented in a more relevant way.

You can be active across all platforms

We all know how to post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter – the challenge is knowing which platform is right for your business. Posting across multiple platforms can be a time-consuming exercise – plus, you need to know when to post to improve reach, how to post so that the platforms don’t demote your activity and what type of posts work well. Managing all that across multiple platforms is food and drink for a Social Media Expert

You will get an advantage over your competition

In a recent survey, 52% of small businesses said that they posted some kind of content to Social Media every day.

If you are not posting online, you are falling behind… If you are posting, but not posting good content you may look out of touch… But if you get it right, you can stand head and shoulders above your competition.


Being active on Social Media is becoming an essential part of doing business. But if you do it yourself, it can be time-consuming, costly and potentially not represent your brand in the best way possible.

Using a Social Media Expert has lots of advantages and means that they can focus on that side so you can focus on the thing YOU know – YOUR business.

Ian Dooley

Jigsaw Social Media

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