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4 Content ideas you can use in August

Struggling with what to post on Social Media for your business? We've got you!

Here are 4 more content ideas you can use as inspiration - use one per week and you'll start to dip your toe into the power of using Social Media for your business.

NHS birthday
It's home!

1. We won the Euros!

You may have heard... our Women's team won the Euros! This FIRST WEEK of Aug is a great time to tap into this achievement.


There are just so many positives to refer to - and it's timely & relevant.


Celebrate the achievement with a link to an aspect of your company:

Think teamwork, leadership, delivering under pressure, major events or turning points...

You at your workspace
What are you often asked?

2. Answer a Frequently Asked Question

Think about the things you often get asked by customers. Create a post that answers one of those questions.


Potential customers will be wondering the same thing. An FAQ answering post gives authority and value to them.


Make a list of FAQ's and pick the most common one. Your post text will be your answer, which you can kick off with the line "Ever wondered [FAQ]?..."

Industry news

3. Share an industry news article

You don't have to create content from scratch - what news might be interesting to your customers?


Sharing relevant and up-to-date news can be incredibly powerful, provided you do it right...


Two things to remember here:

- make sure the article shared is of interest to your audience, not just to you!

- Add your perspective or your opinion to it. Don't just simply share the article!

Share a tip

4. Share a top tip

Give away a bit of magic for free!


People love advice and tips that make their lives easier (you don't have to call them 'life hacks' though!)


Think about something that would help your audience... A shortcut? A common mistake to avoid? A better way of doing something that will save them money.

Concentrate on giving value - and you'll show your expertise too!

Use these ideas as a start point and write your first post. Then one the next week... and so on.

Even if you've never posted before, make August the month you pick at least one of these subjects and create a post!

By the way - Feel free to tag us in and we'll share it for you too!

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