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4 content ideas you can use in November

Wondering what to post on Social Media for your business this month? We've got you!

Remember, remember, to post in November...

Here are our latest 4 content ideas you can create for your business this month - one per week is all it takes and you're off and running!

NHS birthday
Be controversial

1. Make a controversial statement

Wait - before you panic, you don't have to be REALLY controversial.


It's likely to grab attention and spark a debate.


Write "This may be controversial, but..." - then share an opinion about something to do with your industry.

IMPORTANT: Look from your customer perspective and talk about something your industry could do better. Engaging AND showing your customer-facing empathy!

Go retro with a flashback

2. Flashback to an earlier time in your business

Share an image or story from the early days of your business.


People react positively to progress, so will react positively to you showing how far you've come.


Pick something that shows your growth - Your first office? An early customer? Some old-fashioned tech that you no longer use? Then compare it to how things are now!

Share some advice you were given

3. Share a piece of advice you were given

Think of advice that made a positive difference to your career or life.


It shows that you're humble - and don't think you have all of the answers. Plus, if it helped you, it might help your audience.


Think back - who influenced you?

What piece of advice did they give you and how did it impact you?

This post doesn't need imagery or fancy content - just be real.

Black Friday!

4. Black Friday

At the end of November are Black Friday & Cyber Monday - a great time for promotions!


People will be in buying mode as Christmas approaches - and looking for offers.


Think about an offer you can give that you can afford - perhaps a 10% off certain services? A free audit?

Then post as a 'limited time Black Friday offer' (the limited time aspect is key to creating urgency).

Give it a try - there are 4 easy ideas that can get you started - start with a single post each week and see where it takes you - what are you waiting for?

As always... Feel free to tag us in and we'll share it for you too!

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