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4 Content ideas you can use in July

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Struggling with what to post on Social Media for your business? We've got you!

Here are 4 content ideas you can use as a start point - use one per week and you'll start to dip your toe into the power of using Social Media for your business.

NHS birthday
NHS birthday

1. NHS' Birthday!

The 5th of July is the birthday of our wonderful NHS. Show your appreciation with a post to commemorate the day.

Use the image to the left (right click and save) or create your own.


Show the people side of your business, its personality and social awareness.


A simple recognition? A thank you? A personal story? A thanks to key workers?

You at your workspace
Go behind the scenes

2. Behind the scenes

'Who'd be interested in seeing me working?" - answer: Pretty much all your connections, especially on LinkedIn.


People want to see those they do business with & LOVE a glimpse behind the scenes.


Take a selfie at your desk, or at a work location & describe the task for the day. OR (if you're shy) just take a pic of your workspace and say what the best thing you have there is!

Get a testimonial!

3. Testimonial

If you don't have a testimonial then make this the month you ask a customer for one. Then share their kind words to tell everyone how awesome your business is.


Social proof works. It gives credibility without you patting yourself on the back.


By the end of July, get a testimonial. Then share - it can be just the text, or with an image. A genuine endorsement in their words is what you want.

Get a positive quote

4. Share a positive quote

Putting out positivity works - So look for a quote that chimes with you and share it.


People want to feel good on social media and positive messages (not overused) can hit the spot.


If you can't find a quote you like, share this quote... But (and here's the kicker) you must explain what it means to you.

That personal view is what will make the post engaging.

Use these ideas as a start point and write your first post. Then one the next week... and so on.

The key thing here is to make a start... then keep it going. That consistency in posting will start to get you noticed!

By the way - Feel free to tag us in and we'll share it for you too!

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