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4 content ideas you can use in October

Wondering what to post on Social Media for your business this month? We've got you!

October already? Scary!

It's time for our 4 ideas of content that you can create for your business this month - one per week is all it takes and you're off and running!

NHS birthday
Common mistakes to avoid

1. Describe a common mistake to avoid

You know better than anyone the mistakes that your potential customers need to avoid - so tell them!


Immediately you're giving value to customers and showing your knowledge.


Think of the most common mistake that people who may use your services tend to make - then talk about how they could have prevented it... simple!

You at your workspace
Everyone loves a shortcut

2. Share a short-cut you use often

You're the expert - and no doubt have all sorts of things you use to save time - share one!


Again, you show your expertise - but more importantly, you show something they didn't know, which saves them time too!


Write down your top 3 shortcuts - it may be on a piece of software, a better way of doing a task or simply a time management "hack" - then pick one.

Wellbeing is SO important

3. Talk about wellbeing

October - clocks go back, nights get darker and people often struggle. Share some wellbeing tips you use.


It shows empathy, creates a conversation about work/life balance and may even help someone in need.


Either choose something you do or research something that others suggest can help - then share, with YOUR experience or thoughts.


4. Halloweeeeeeeeeeen

Whether you celebrate it or not, it's a great time to put a spooky spin on one of your posts.


Social media will be full of spooky posts - it's one of the trending times of the year!


Don't go for cliches - try and find a spooky pun, a joke, or something that you can relate back to your business... The aim is to entertain on this one!

Simple - just start with a single post each week and see where it takes you - what are you waiting for?

Even if you've never posted before, make October the month you pick at least one of these subjects and create a post!

By the way - Feel free to tag us in and we'll share it for you too!

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