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4 content ideas you can use in September

Wondering what to post on Social Media for your business this month? We've got you!

Is September still Summer? Or is it Autumn?

Ahem, sorry about that... So, here are 4 more content ideas you can use as inspiration - use one per week and you can then proudly say you are a social media content creator for your business.

NHS birthday
Back to School

1. Back to School

Where did the summer holidays go? The schools and colleges returning is a big time for many (not just because the traffic's better!)


Many of the people you deal with probably have kids - so it's a big moment.


Don't go mad posting your kids in their uniforms (keep that personal) but relate to fresh starts, new beginnings, opportunities. Perhaps relate to your early career choices?

You at your workspace
This is one of our favourite non-fiction books!

2. Share a book you've been reading

Share a (non-fiction or business) book you've read - or go buy one and read it!


Business books are popular! People buy them, so are interested in good ones. And it shows what you're interested in and shows a bit of your personality.


Find the right book, share a pic of it, say what your 3 key takeaways were from it - then engage with the comments!

Good meeting?

3. Share a meeting you've had

Showing you're active and making business connections is great for your personal brand.


People deal with people - so sharing a pic of a meeting you've had shows your business isn't faceless.


Take a pic with them - share it in a positive tone, and tag everyone you met (even tag the location). Those notifications will start a conversation and show you are approachable.

Meet the team

4. Introduce your team

Your team should share the limelight. If you work alone, your team is anyone you collaborate with.


It taps into our inherent desire to get to know people (what do you mean nosy?!?)


Adding a picture is 100 times better than without. Then share an interesting fact or two (but nothing that they shouldn't reveal in a professional post - or online!). Oh.. and make sure you have their permission before posting!

Go for it! - Use these ideas as a start point and write your first post. Then one the next week... and so on.

Even if you've never posted before, make September the month you pick at least one of these subjects and create a post!

By the way - Feel free to tag us in and we'll share it for you too!

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