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How do I know if I have an All-Star LinkedIn Profile?

LinkedIn is one of the most trusted and credible social media platforms around for people who want to do business, but to get the best results from Linkedin there are some steps you need to have in place on your profile.

All LinkedIn profiles are created equal

We all start in the same place - a blank sheet of paper - in LinkedIn's eyes, this is a Beginner's profile. No profile picture, no information on who you are - just a name and an email address.

That's no good for LinkedIn - they want you to fully use their platform. But it's also no good for you as you're not harnessing the power of Linkedin.

In order to motivate you into filling in the platform, LinkedIn gives you a Profile Level.

What are the profile levels on LinkedIn?

There are 3 levels of profile:

  • Beginner

  • Intermediate

  • All-Star

Actually, there are several stages of Intermediate profile - but the target is the same. You want your profile to be an All-Star profile!

Why is an All-Star profile important on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn says that you are 40x more likely to get opportunities and your content will be seen by more people - IF you have an All-Star Profile!


There are 2 main reasons:

  1. By completing your profile and achieving your status, your profile starts to work for you. You will be found on searches, your content can be shown to relevant contacts (as LinkedIn can tell who they are) - you're networking!

  2. You are using the platform as LinkedIn wants you to - you're playing the game - which means LinkedIn will like you, and therefore is more likely to show you and your content on other people's News Feeds.

Where can I see my Profile Level on LinkedIn?

This used to be such an easy question to answer!

You just had to view your profile and at the top was a nice little icon showing it.

But now - in 2022 - it's not quite that easy...

LinkedIn no longer shows you when you've achieved All-Star status! 😲

Wait - What?!?

Yep... But fear not, you can still tell if you've achieved All-Star status...

So, how can I see my LinkedIn level in 2022?

When you're creating or updating your profile, one of the first sections you'll see is a Suggested For You box.

This is only visible to you and shows the next step you need to take in order to progress to the next level. And it is in that section that you can see your current level.

As you can see below, the Level is Beginner, the next level is Intermediate and the suggested step is to add a profile picture.

As you complete the suggestions, your new level - and next task - is shown in the Suggested For You box...

Right up until you have completed the last step - and then - the Suggested For You box disappears!

Once you are no longer being shown suggestions, you have completed your profile and achieved that all-important All-Star profile* on LinkedIn.

Personally, I think that's a shame as we all like to receive things and getting a little All-Star badge was kind of nice.

Instead, the 2022 version is simply shown by LinkedIn no longer nagging you to do something on your profile. 🤷

*A word of warning...

You can now follow the prompts and achieve '2022 All-Star' status by filling in pretty much anything in each section. But that will NOT get you the results and visibility you really want.

To do that, you need to optimise your LinkedIn profile by making sure you complete each section properly - with the right words, the right pictures and creating the right overall profile.

But more of how to do that in another post...

If you've found this helpful, please feel free to like/share - and connect with me on Linkedin here: Ian Dooley | LinkedIn

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