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What makes a good LinkedIn profile picture?

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Did you know that adding a profile photo on LinkedIn will make you 36 times more likely to get a message, 21 times more likely to get your profile viewed and 9 times the number of connection requests?

If you're on LinkedIn then it's because you understand the importance of networking when it comes to business. It's a cliche, but it's true - people want to deal with people.

So - the first rule of LinkedIn profile pictures is that YOU MUST HAVE ONE!

So, with that said,

What are the do's and don'ts for your LinkedIn profile picture?

DO get someone to take the photo for you. Selfies are fine for Instagram but, unless you are trying to be an Instagram influencer, they are probably not the best choice for most on Linkedin.

DON'T use a photo from a night out. I'm sure you had your best gear on and felt a million dollars, but for LinkedIn, they often look jarring and out of place.

DO try and smile! Psychologists confirm that photos of people smiling create significantly more engagement than more serious poses. Ditch the 'mean and moody look' & show a bit of personality.

DON'T use a group photo. If someone is checking you out on LinkedIn they want to see you, not play 'Guess Who' in a line-up of people you know, but they probably don't.

DO keep your picture up to date. A photo of you from 10 years ago is no good - people will look at you negatively and may question your honesty when they meet you and see the 'real you'. You look great, just the way you are!

DON'T just use your company logo. That's for your company page, not your personal page.

DO crop the picture to a square format ensuring that it is of sufficient quality that it does not appear blocky when enlarged.

And finally...

In case you hadn't guessed...

DO make sure that come what may, you DO HAVE A PROFILE PICTURE!


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